Hungarian language and literature specialization


The Department of Hungarian Language and Literature is one of the younger professional communities within the Partium Christian University, providing the professional and scholarly background for the Hungarian Language and Literature BA programme, which was launched in the 2010/2011 academic year.

The legal background for the Hungarian Language and Literature programme was established by Regulation No. 1093/2009.09.30 of Romania’s Government, which means that our students can achieve a degree acknowledged by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

We provide education of the highest standards for our students: courses and tutoring is offered by professional, nationally and internationally acclaimed experts and renowned Hungarian guest lecturers, while professional advancement is also facilitated by a dynamic department, as well as by the many foreign scholarship opportunities and a rich, constantly expanding library.

Partium Christian University is a familiar, youthful, student-friendly institute, where all buildings, libraries and other facilities are within easy reach, creating a convenient, inspiring atmosphere for those pursuing the career of the intellect.

High-standard education is granted by a group of qualified instructors and researchers: 90% of the teachers are in possession of a PhD, and 45% are associate professors or professors. 90% of the lectures in Hungarian literary history and Hungarian linguistics are held by qualified instructors with a PhD. The rest of the courses are taught by instructors currently pursuing their doctorate, with a minimum rank of senior lecturer. The research and publication output of our instructors cover the most important areas of literary and linguistic studies, and we have a consistent presence at different national and international conferences and other professional-scholarly events.

Main research areas of the department

We are committed to transform our department into one of the leading intellectual-cultural centres of the city and the region, embracing and furthering the progressive tradition of Oradea’s intense literary life.