Community Perspectives on the Language IV.

4rd international conference between 28-29 June 2019

Call for Paper


The Department of Language and Literature of Partium Christian University, Faculty of Humanities and Arts, the Institute of Applied Research Oradea (Romania) in cooperation with the Department of Hungarian Linguistics of the Károly Eszterházy University, Eger (Hungary), the Department of  Hungarian Linguistics and Literature of the János Selye University, Komárno (Slovakia), the Partium Education and Methodology Center (Romania) as well as the Start - Consulting and Training Agency are pleased to announce the 4rd international conference entitled:

Community Perspectives on the Language

held between 28-29 June 2019

The conference committee welcomes original contributions on such topics as follows:

  • Minority languages, language researches from Romania (dialects, onomastics, literary language, sociolinguistics, etc.) in particular with regard to the Partium Region
  • Language acquisition, bilingualism, language socialization
  • Culture of the language, linguistic landscape, intercultural studies
  • L1 language teaching, L2 language teaching, language pedagogy researches
  • Language policy, language planning, language rights, language strategy
  • Habits of language usage: ethnography and linguistics
  • Researches on language of the media
  • New approaches (new subfields, methods) in linguistics


Presentations should be of 15-20 minutes, projector and laptop will be available. Take place at Partium Christian University ( 36 Primariei street, main building), Oradea.

The participation fee is 230 lei (50 euros) which covers the conference costs, coffee breaks, as well as conference papers publishing costs. Deadline for submission of a 150-word English and Hungarian summary of paper: 31 of March 2019, sent to the following link:

All summaries will be reviewed and the results communicated to applicants until 1 of May.

A volume of the conference proceedings will be published following a peer review of the papers submitted for publication.

The final papers should follow the guidelines of the style sheet and should be sent until 31 of October 2019. Papers that do not respect the formatting rules required in the style sheet will not be accepted.


Dr. Bartha Krisztina                                                                Dr. Magyari Sára

specialization coordinator                                                       head of the organizing committee


Oradea, 14 of January 2019